Whenever we handle a piece of heavy machinery or control an electronic appliance, there is always a safety kit and instruction manual with it. We carefully read the manual and use safety tool/kit before handling equipment. Why do we do it? Is it because it’s easy or affordable? Or perhaps because “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”
Focusing just on finding the cure, is an expensive, painful, obtrusive and financially draining exercise. HR and spokesperson of our featured client says, “We promote and encourage the public to put their seatbelt on or wear a helmet, because ‘prevention is better than cure,’ so why not follow the same mantra for our own health and organizational wellbeing?”

The situation

This Delhi-based government body, having 60+ employees, pools resources and tries to provide efficient, economical, safe and reliable public transport facility in urban, hilly and rural areas across the country. Every year, the organisation used to conduct full body checkup for the team via different hospitals and healthcare aggregators. The quality, execution and employee experience was often quite poor, with low satisfaction rate and delayed result delivery. With time, the organization started facing difficulty in managing and controlling their team health.

OurHealthMate comes into the picture

Awareness, habits, behavior, lifestyle, and environment are all important variables that together contribute to ensure good health. Taking that thought forward, the featured organization recently launched health and environmental prevention initiatives for their employees and staff, with renowned health aggregator OurHealthMate(OHM).
OHM is known for providing the most cost-effective, analytical and practical health & wellness solutions to corporates, personal and private entities via their secured digital dashboard. Impressed by their diverse clientele, the spokesperson/HR of the organization collaborated with OHM delegates to sketch a comprehensive plan for employee engagement activities. These activities were planned to educate and empower employees about their health and the environment they breathe in. After completing a thorough research and demographic profiling of the organization, OHM came up with the following goals for their partnership –

  • Understanding the people and their culture
  • Provide cost-effective yet competitive benefits
  • Conduct wellness workshops on personal and environmental health
  • Complete full-body checkups of all employees in a given capsule of time
  • Deliver health reports and overall analysis

The results after working with OurHealthMate

In the initial part of the program, OHM co-organised two employee engagement programs on the World Environment Day. The awareness session conducted by OHM had a clear, thought-provoking message of a degrading environment and its effect on human life and health. The session was addressed by two leading professionals in their respective fields – Ms. Shefali Bakshi, an environmental expert, and Dr. Shaili Tomar, a renowned nutritionist. The session was marked by the installment of Plastic Bottle Crusher, a machine designed to crush the plastic bottles so that the plastic can be reused after recycling, and ended with employees planting saplings. The interactive talk sessions and on-ground activation was eye-opening. This provoked employees to do some self-reflection. All team members thoroughly enjoyed the session, and pledged to contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.
To promote the importance of “preventive health”, later that week, employees were signed into a full body checkup sponsored by the organisation. This included blood and urine test, vitals, body mass measurement, and doctor consultation. After gathering test samples of all the employees, the test results were delivered to employees and organization through the OHM’s high-tech data secure platform in merely five days. The client was happy by the outstanding outcomes delivered through the seamless process. They were also very pleased to receive an additional delivery analysis report of the health checkups, along with a possible “call for action” measures that need to be considered to ensure overall employee wellness. Since engaging OHM, the organization also noted a significant increase in employee engagement, compared to the last few years.
Working with an association that is well-aware of its social and organisational responsibilities, was both an exciting yet enlightening experience for OHM. They look forward to continue to deliver on superior health outcomes for this client and others.