General wellbeing is an assortment of physical and mental states. Preventive healthcare, therefore takes measures to avert illness/disorder, instead of ailment treatment. Early detection of diseases through preventive measures (such as health screening) can not only save lives but can also protect one from going through immense physical, emotional and financial distress. The ASSOCHAM report on Preventive Healthcare and Corporate Sector states that “One rupee spent on prevention saves Rs. 133 in absenteeism costs and Rs. 6.62 in healthcare costs”. HR of our featured client also believes that, “Preventive healthcare and wellness programs can change employees’ behaviour, improve their biometric risk profile and work productivity.”

The situation

This exclusive story is about a food products company based in Bangalore, India. The company manufactures a range of fresh foods including idly/dosa batter, ready-to-eat parotas, chapatis, curd, and paneer. Every year they hold annual health camps for their employees in Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore. With a 500+ team size and wider geographical spread, managing a rather comprehensive health screening program can be tedious, complicated and time-consuming. They had to largely depend on regional diagnostics and hospitals. Moreover, being a food product company that boasts health and hygiene, generic health screening was not enough. Every year, they had to modify their health screening packages based on the region, employee profile, and weather changes. This added to the time taken and money spent.

OurHealthMate comes into the picture

OurHealthMate (OHM) is a popular choice amongst corporates who want cost-effective, easily customizable, and end-to-end healthcare service. Further, OHM seals the deal with its ultra-secure platform.
The HR team from the client company sat together with OHM team and mapped out a comprehensive and proactive health care plan to serve employees across the state boundaries. Based on the plan, a few milestones and requirements were drafted, which OHM was expected to deliver against. They were as follows –

  • Agile enough to adjust according to the corporate’s needs
  • Maintain cost while providing competitive benefits
  • Factor in scale efficiencies – with reduced time for processing per employee
  • Maintain data security while delivering health reports timely

The results after working with OurHealthMate

OurHealthMate set up and delivered five camps, including one in Chennai, one in Mumbai, and three in Bangalore within five days. The health package included vital count, vaccination for Typhoid, Blood and Urine Test. These camps were run simultaneously, in five different locations, and managed single-handedly by OHM team.
The reduced time taken to deliver healthcare services to 500+ employees without compromising the quality was surprising for the client; as this is something not many health aggregators offer. It took an average of 25 min per person; including the 8 minutes taken per doctor consultation. Employees received a detailed report along with doctor signed health certificate via OurHealthMate’s secure platform. The organization received a detailed analysis of their employee’s overall physical health along with suggestive pointers to improve the collective health performance for the next year.
The clients seem to have fallen in love with the 360° approach to health and wellness. There was a 23% increase in employee engagement, which was higher considering the performance of the last couple of year.
OurHealthMate as a healthcare aggregator was quite pleased and grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dynamic and dedicated workforce. They felt accomplished at the outcome and are passionate to deliver future projects with even higher success rate and better-projected metrics.